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Dr. Md Anamul Haque

Academician, Public Health specialist, Bio-medical Researcher, Physician, Writer, Social Worker

 10+ years experience as a public health expert.  

 As an Academician, my areas of medical expertise in Public Health include Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and Epidemiology. I believe in Comprehensive health care. 
As an epidemiologist, I have a deeper understanding of science, research methodology, public health matters, and the implications for research and the advancement of clinical care. When it comes to transforming data into REAL information, I have an uncanny ability to only create the story and put a perfect picture frame around the story.

I also have significant healthcare industry experience. As a government medical officer, I have been posted and worked in remote village areas. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 2005, to gain deep clinical knowledge in Medicine, Neurology, and Nephrology, I have 18months of post-graduation training in the 900-bed hospital from 2007-2008 session.    
My research experience is extensive. I have been the lead investigator or sub-investigator of several national and international survey and research works. Experienced in research, review, synthesize, and analyze medical literature. I have extensive experience conducting systematic literature reviews for professional organizations, government organizations, non-profits, hospitals, and health insurance companies. 

My systematic review skills include:
– Systematic reviews of health-related literature reviews
– Health blog content writing
– Medical research
– Journal paper editing and proofreading
– Public health research or writing
– Appraisal of epidemiological studies

Anamul Haque’s Writing

As an emerging writer in Bangladesh, he wrote some famous books including ShakShi, Ek Jon Araj Ali, Rupantar, Chandrahata, and Faand.

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